Behaving your way to wealth


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Many BC residents put massive amounts of energy into things they cannot control when it comes to their investments. Trying to time the market, buy the hottest stock this week or betting on what Donald Trump will tweet tonight.

In the end, your own behaviour is the only thing you can control. The good news is this can be the most important variable for investment success.

While it may be good coffee shop talk or banter with your friends over dinner, discussing how much your stock position in a particular company gained this week is irrelevant over the long term.

According to research company Dalbar Inc., the twenty year S&P 500 index averaged 9.85% a year (as of 2015). Over that same time period, the average equity investor earned only 5.19% a year. We have a behavioral problem with investing.

If we try to time the market or switch funds to the flavour of the week, we leave returns on the table and spend our time trying to control things we can’t.

What you can control is setting a target in real dollars that you want to reach. (It should be part of your financial plan!) Secondly is investing a specific dollar amount (whatever you can afford) on a predetermined frequency regardless of market timing. Weekly or monthly contributions are the most common.

Put your effort into what you can control (your behaviour) and don’t spend energy on what you cannot control (market timing, trusting a “hot” stock tip from a friend, or short term performance).

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