Do you know what you are paying your financial advisor?


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If you’re like most Canadian investors, you own mutual funds. They have become a staple in our investment portfolios over the years.

Your mutual funds have a cost referred to as the MER (management expense ratio). This is an all-inclusive cost including the professional portfolio manager (the team making the investment decisions), the funds administration and the fee paid to your financial advisor. Most Canadians don’t know what they are paying and some think they are not paying anything. For the latter, you are mistaken!

The average MER for a Canadian equity fund is 2.35% according to a Morningstar report published in 2016. As I mentioned, the cost includes the professional portfolio, funds administration and the fee paid by the fund to your financial advisor.

The MER is calculated on the total dollar value of your mutual fund holdings. As an example, if the mutual fund returned 7% a year, the 2.35% MER would be taken off the top and your return would be reported as 4.65%

If your portfolio is a million dollars, your fee would be $1,000,000 x 2.35% = $23,500 per year. That is a big chunk of change, especially if you didn’t know you were paying it!

Many Canadians are in the dark about fees and what they are paying their advisors.

You deserve to understand what you’re paying as the long term effects of paying too much can really hurt your returns over the long run.

The more understanding you have of what you are paying your financial advisor (or your fund manager) can make a big difference to your retirement savings.

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